Where can I get pricing information for bridal makeup & hair services?

Please head over to the “Contact Us” page, fill out the form, and we will send a current pricing sheet over for you.

Do you offer on- location services for special events or only weddings?

Yes, we will absolutely come on location for special events, however, there is a minimum of 5 people getting both makeup and hair services required.

What type of makeup do you use?

We provide numerous high end luxury brands that fit the needs of everyone, including those with sensitive skin. We exclusively use airbrush foundation.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer any discounts on our makeup or hair services.

Are you able to do a variety of skin tones and different ethnicities?

Yes, absolutely! All of our artists are very comfortable working with all skin tones and carry a wide variety of colors in their kits.

How much is my wedding makeup and hair retainer?

A 50% retainer payment is due at the time you sign your contract. The remaining 50% balance payment is due 30 days prior to the wedding day.

Is my retainer refundable?

No, retainer payments are non refundable should you decide to cancel your services.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

All invoices are paid via Stripe on our online portal with ACH payments from your bank account. Credit card transactions are available upon request, for an additional fee, via Square.

Do you charge a travel fee?

Yes, we have a base rate within a 25 mile radius of our studio and additional mileage costs will apply. The total travel fee will be included in your quote.

Do you have a minimum for on- location services?

Yes, for on location weddings, there is a minimum of Bride plus 4 adult services for both makeup and hair.

Do you offer makeup for engagement pictures?

Yes, of course. Engagement sessions are held at our studio and can be booked Mondays-Thursdays. (Friday-Sundays are reserved for weddings only).

When do you need my final count for wedding day services?

If you are unsure of how many people will be getting services day of, please only submit your definite services number at time of contract. We can always add on to services as long as we have sufficient time in your wedding day timeline and available team members. Once your contract is signed, your numbers are locked in and you cannot remove services. You are allowed to replace one bridal party member with another if someone backs out. The services must be of equal value (e.g. Bridesmaid for Bridesmaid, not Bridesmaid for Jr. Bridesmaid). There are no refunds for anyone in your party who changes their mind after the contract is signed.

How many team members will be booked for my wedding day services?

Parties of 7 or less will have 1 artist and 1 stylist (1 team) scheduled. Any parties over 8 require an additional team or more depending on your final count. Please note, each team member requires a minimum of 4 services.

If I don’t want lashes, is the price different?

If you choose not to have lashes it does not change your makeup application cost.

Do I have to pay you in one sum or can my maids and moms pay individually?

All payments are made directly from the Bride on our online portal. How you choose to collect the payments from your party are completely up to you.

I loved my makeup and hair! How can I review your business?

Aw, we are so happy to hear that! We love reviews. Please leave us a review on and our Google page by clicking the links on our Testimonials page. 

What are the advantages of airbrush foundation over traditional makeup applications?

Airbrush foundation is a lightweight formula that is dispersed from a compressor into tiny specks on the skin which mimic a realistic skin finish. It is light and airy and never looks “cakey”. Airbrush foundation is extremely customizable from very natural coverage to full coverage yet feels like nothing on the skin. It photographs beautifully and has an 18 hour plus waterproof, sweatproof wear.


Where do the makeup and hair trials & in studio appointments take place?

All of our in-studio trials and appointments are held at our home studio located in Egg Harbor Township, NJ at 102 Sandlewood Rd Egg Harbor Township NJ 08234.

What days can I schedule my makeup and hair trials?

Makeup and hair trials are available to be scheduled Mondays-Thursdays. (Friday-Sundays are reserved for weddings only).

Are trials included in the makeup price for the bride?

No, makeup and hair trials are not included in your wedding contract. They are a separate service.

How long do makeup and hair trials take?

All trials are an hour and a half.

How many looks do I get in a trial?

A trial consists of one desired makeup and hair vision. If you’re looking to try any additional looks or styles, it is recommended you book a second trial.

When do you recommend getting a trial done?

We hold our trials 2-3 months prior to the wedding, Mondays-Thursdays. We recommend booking that appointment in advance, usually 4 months out, so we can secure a reservation for you.

What should I bring to my trial?

You should bring any inspo photos you may have for makeup and hair, which showcase women with the same hair, eye, and skin tone as you. Bring your veil, clip in extensions if you’re using them, and any other hair accessories you may have (e.g. comb, clip, vine). Your wedding day jewelry is always nice to have as well. If you can wear white to your trial it will also help give a more relatable vision to your final look on the wedding day and helps with pictures we take.

Can I bring friends or family with me to my trial?

Certainly, you may bring one guest with you to share in your experience.

Can my mom have a trial as well?

Yes of course! We can schedule your mom to have a trial the same day as yours, pending availability for a double appointment. If there are no double appointments available, we can certainly schedule your mom for another date.


Who do I call on the day of for any last minute issues?

If you have any questions or concerns the morning of your wedding, please feel free to reach out to Gina personally at (609) 445-4122.

How long does it take per person for makeup and hair on the wedding day?

While all services are booked at 45 minute sessions, we schedule for one hour per person which includes extra buffer time for touch ups and to ensure the morning timeline runs smoothly.

Should I make a schedule for my group for the day of the wedding?

There are no set time slots for anyone except the Bride on the wedding day. Everyone should arrive at start time and that way, when there’s an open chair, someone can hop in. This helps the morning flow smoothly. We handle all scheduling and timelines so you don’t have to! 😉

How should my girls and I prepare for the day of?

Everyone should arrive ready to go with clean, moisturized faces (no coconut oil or vitamin E on the skin) and clean, dry hair, free of dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner sprays, or serums/oils. Dirty hair is NOT best. Please no damp hair and no flat ironing.

Are lashes included in my services?

All makeup services include various styles of individual lashes. We do not use strip lashes.

What should I have with me throughout the wedding day for touch- ups?

Everyone getting services should bring a lipstick or gloss as well as a community can of hairspray to use for touch ups throughout the night once your team has left the venue.

Am I responsible for parking fees?

Yes, all parking fees will be presented to the Bride and can be made payable to each team member in cash the morning of the wedding. If the venue offers a parking voucher or reserved parking list, please be sure to give us the vouchers before we leave for the day or notify the venue in advance to add us to the list.

Are you going to stay after the ceremony for touchups?

We can absolutely stay to touch you up after the ceremony for an additional fee per team member, which is a rate of $100 p/hr. This can be added to your invoice at time of booking.

Is the mascara you use on my wedding day waterproof?

100% yes! We use as many waterproof products as possible on your wedding day.

How do I remove my false lashes?

Since we are using individual lashes, it is best to just wash your face as usual, gently rubbing your lash line back and forth and your lashes will fall off. You may also use makeup remover and gently sweep them away. Please do not try and pull or remove your individual lashes off with your hands, as that may result in you accidentally taking some of your natural lashes with them.

Can you do men’s grooming on the wedding day?

Absolutely! Guys need pampering too. We offer grooming services which include hot towel straight razor shaves, beard edging and trimming, hair cuts, and styling!

I’d like to leave a tip for my artist/stylist. What is your tipping policy?

Tips are so appreciated and can be paid in cash, day of, to the artist/stylist who did your service. If the Bride wishes to collectively tip for everyone as a whole, she may give that to her Bridal Makeup Artist and the artist will hand it out to the team. Venmo is also an acceptable second option for tips 😊




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